Review of Tata and the Big Bad Bull by Loretta Collins Klobah

Publisher: CaribbeanReads

Publication date: 31 May, 2018

In Tata and the Big Bad Bull, the exuberant, rocking rhythms of Juleus Ghunta’s rhyming story and the appealing and adventurous human and animal-filled illustrations by Ann-Cathrine Loo draw the reader into the world of Tata and his grandmother.

The thrilling bus journey to Pellken School is only for those students who can pay the fare. What will Tata do to get past the terrifying Big Bad Bull, to take a short-cut through his pasture? Why is Mr Bull such a bully?

In a highly entertaining story, readers see how Tata learns to capably work through his problem by asking the right questions, not prejudging a person based on first impressions and reputation, apologizing when he is at fault, seeking advice from others, respecting people, and serving as a mediator in his community.

Children and adults will enjoy and relate to this book immensely, but it also addresses in positive terms how to deal with bullying on individual and community levels. I recommend Juleus Ghunta’s book unreservedly.

Loretta Collins Klobah, author or Ricantations

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